Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Introducing "One American Home Services"

 Introducing "One American Home Services, LLC"

2020 was quite the year! As many of you know, we are only a little past it in 2021. The effects are certainly lingering. As we are all truly wanting to get on with life and move forward, it just seems that little barriers keep presenting. These barriers have made it hard for myself, as well as for many of my customers, to achieve many of the things they'd hoped to by this time. By "barriers", we are thinking about the risks posed that lead many to still need masks (with or without the vaccines), the rising cost of construction supplies (including basic lumber and drywall), the difficulty in finding enough individuals who want to return to the work front (due to the previously mentioned risks), and many other complications and concerns along the way. 

***BTW, I want to take this moment to mention that our family was all fully vaccinated for the safety of ourselves as well as our friends, family, and those of you who entrust your homes into my care. Your safety, as well as that of my family, is at the top of my list!***

So, I'd like to share how this pandemic has impacted our family, and how we are moving thru it. I'd like to introduce a dog we rescued at 3 months old. Her name is Penny. She turned out to be an Anatolian Sheppard, and was remarkably intelligent and sweet. After being told by our vet that she was so remarkable and we should have her tested to train as a Service Dog, we moved forward and did this. The trainer started working with her at 5 months old, and she was a fully trained service dog by the time she reached her first birthday! We adopted her in February, and she was trained by the end of October. This was one of the great accomplishments we achieved during a pandemic! 

We also faced numerous challenges with our special needs family. We have three adopted "kids" (now 17, 23, and 26 years old), and we've had several complications that presented over the past year and a half. Much of these complications were at very inopportune times due to the ER's and doctors offices being on high alert (and OR's being all but closed down).  However, in the end nothing was so bad a good hug couldn't fix!

We also fit some pretty fun times into the mix! My wife and I spent some individual one on one time with each of our "kids", and created some very special memories (so that not all memories of this time frame would be negative ones). 
My oldest daughter is the crafty one. She loves fun activities where she can get her hands dirty! 

All in all, it's been quite the roller coaster of a year. Going forward, I'm looking toward getting back into seeing all of my old and new customers full swing! I miss y'all!!! I will do whatever you require as I enter your homes and your trust. If you prefer I wear a mask, please request this. 

Introducing "One American Home Services"

 Introducing "One American Home Services, LLC" 2020 was quite the year! As many of you know, we are only a little past it in 2021....